Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve Manufacturer in India

Specialityvalve is a leading Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve Manufacturer in India. The Plug Valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion manual valve. It provides a straightway passage through the ports so that fluid can flow through the opening plug (cylindrical or tapered plug) with a minimum of turbulence. The plug Valve is different from other valves due to its plug disc design. An important feature of the plug valve is its ease to adapt to multiport construction and these ports are widely used. It gives benefits like simplified piping and installation, and the elimination of costly pipe fitting.

A block and bleed valve system are a combination of one or more block valves and its main purpose is to isolate or block the flow of fluid in the system so that the fluid from upstream does not reach other components of the system that are downstream. It provides a double block and bleed in a single valve.

This design has operational advantages there are significantly fewer potential leak paths, the valves are full bore with an uninterrupted flow and they got a negligible pressure drop across the unit, and all the valve components are housed in a single unit so the space is required for the installation is dramatically reduced thus freeing up room for other pieces of essential equipment. In the most basic terms the difference between a double block bleed and double isolation bleed comes from the types of valve seats which needs to consider.

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