Pneumatic Three Piece Flanged Ball Valve

Actuation Type: Spring Return, Double Acting

Body: CF8M, Carbon Steel

Ball: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Sealing Material: PTFE

End Connection: Threaded, Buttweld(BW), Socketweld, Flanged

Nominal Size: DN15 to DN200

Nominal Pressure: Class150, PN16

Operation: Lever Operated. Gear Operated, Electric Actuated, Pneumatic Actuated

Dimensions                                                                                                        Unit: mm

15150721781212049565461424- Φ14
201608017812124010575561624- Φ14
251809017812125711585651624- Φ14
32200100178121277140100761834- Φ18
40220110210131292150110841834- Φ18
50240120210131325165125992034- Φ18
622601302101313571851451182034- Φ18
802801403091603682001601322038- Φ18
1003201603091604102201801562238- Φ18
1253801903091604702502101842238- Φ18
1504402203091775562852402112438- Φ22
2005502603091776483402952662438- Φ22
Pneumatic Actuated Three Piece...

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